HAUC National Convention

21 Mar

HAUC(UK) National Convention 2017

Our industry needs to change to meet the challenges of the future – and we all have a responsibility to guide it in the right direction for everyone’s benefit.

HAUC(UK) has set out its key strategic objectives to make us fit for purpose and future-proof our systems, processes and behaviours as we move into a world of more people; more traffic; and more housing and infrastructure development, all of which will require more road and street works.

In attending the HAUC(UK) Convention, you will learn how we are looking to develop the industry in terms of systems; skills and training; technology and innovation; communication; and performance – the key building blocks to support world class assets and systems.

Technology.  Technology and Innovation are key challenges if UK Plc is to move forward and grow.  The Convention considers the steps HAUC(UK) can take; what are we doing with digital to make a difference?

Skills & Training.  Is current training suitable for today and the future?  And how can we attract the youngsters of today into our industry?

Systems.  The street works industry has already modernised in many ways.  However, sharing data and better coordination of systems are key to continually improving and future proofing systems.  Given advances in technology, there is also an expectation from the travelling public for up-to-date and reliable information to be available to help them to plan their journey.  The Street Manager project is going to look at how we might improve the way that data is collected and shared, and how we can use this data to coordinate activities on the highway more effectively.  This will involve working with sector experts and others to assess current working practices and user needs, and to look at how we might make the most of the latest available technology.

Major Infrastructure Projects.  Large projects can have a profound effect on a community and the Convention will highlight one such project which will show just how a community, an authority and an industry can pull together for the common good.

Communications.  Effective communication runs through all the objectives of HAUC(UK).  The Convention will highlight some key themes of communications and focus on how they can help improve delivery.

Come and add value by interacting with industry experts, and have your say in round table debates, both on our strategic aims, and the issues you face on a daily basis.  The day is about you and for you – please join us and be part of our journey into the future – all systems go!

Attendance is restricted to HAUC/RAUC members (ie: staff of highway/roads authorities and utility companies), JAG(UK) and NJUG members but is FREE OF CHARGE.

Exhibition space and sponsorship opportunities are available – further details are available here.

Information about the venue can be found here.

You can book your delegate place and/or exhibition stand here.

The Sponsors of this event are: Elgin, Virgin Media, GeoPlace and Kier.

Supported by: West Midlands HAUC and endorsed for CPD by CIHT.